Lauren’s Story with Music

Lauren’s latest single “Cocaine & Whiskey”, released in 2015 by Lauren and her music partner, Michael Meece is the acoustic band’s latest musical work. Click here to listen and buy “Cocaine & Whiskey”.

“Sunday Sessions”(2013), Lauren’s first solo EP is in sharp contrast to her latest single “Cocaine & Whiskey” (2015). “Sunday Sessions” is an intimate, stripped down, acoustic album    aimed at capturing truth and vulnerability. “Sunday Sessions” is available on iTunes and here.  Lauren, with co-producer and guitarist J. Michael Meece, and percussionist Bobby Payne recently performed on the “Lost  River Music Sessions” with WKYU PBS station in Bowling Green, KY. Click here to watch.

Lauren calls the acoustic group’s music “social music”. Social music is music that unites others and builds community. Lauren hopes to share her social music for a very long time.

For more about Lauren scroll down for complete bio.

Lauren first felt the funk growing up a pastor’s daughter in Louisville, Kentucky, where she fell in love with the gospel music of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. Over the next twenty years, Lauren cultivated a passion for socially active musicians like Tracy Chapman, Marvin Gaye, India Arie, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Jill Scott, and Ben Harper. It was 2003, as an undergraduate at Western Kentucky University, when Lauren made the decision to follow the footsteps of these advocating artists. Her first album, “Sunny Days,” debuted in 2006 and was written and produced by Lauren, and music partner Gary Hook. The release of her debut album spawned the creation of Noizejoi, what would be Lauren’s band and the launching pad for her solo endeavors for the next five years.  Noizejoi’s acoustic EP, “While You’re Waiting,” that was co-written and produced by Noizejoi’s keyboardist Zach Tichenor, was released on February 2nd, 2010 after much anticipation.

Combining music with a passion for social and political advocacy, Lauren is equal parts musician and community leader. She has served as the Director of Kaleidoscope Youth and Arts Program, striving to transform youth and community through art and activism. She believes in the importance of building community and in music’s ability to inspire and transcend boundaries.

Lauren once had an alter-ego as “DJ L-Boogie” on 91.7 The Revolution. She has performed in cities around the nation, including Atlanta, Indianapolis, Nashville, Louisville, Lexington and Memphis, opening for headliners such as Anthony Hamilton, Keri Hilson, and KC and JoJo. In 2012, Lauren graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Administration and currently resides in Greensboro, NC.

One thought on “Bio

  1. It is so great to see that you are doing so well! And I just want to say thank you for stoping the little girl who was walking home from the bus stop that day. Kaleidoscope was the most transforming part of my life and still has me changing who I am today. Thank you for your vision because Kaleidoscope has saved my life in more ways then one.
    Love you Lauren!!

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