About FRESH Air G.S.O.

Fresh Air G.S.O. (6)Fresh Air G.S.O. Greensboro Speaks Out, is a themed open mic night hosted by the Get Fresh Greensboro (GFG) Team. 

GFG is a small team of local entrepreneurs working to actively support local business and art in our local community. 

Started by Lauren Cunningham and Jay Marte, owner of Marte’s Barber Shoppe in 2018. GFG is made up of the following local business partners. Connect with them to meet your needs too. 

Meet the #GFG Team

Lauren Cunningham, Owner Lauren Cunningham Music

Jay Marte, Owner Marte’s Barber Shoppe

Brandon Rogers, Owner 429 Media

Chandler Walton, DJ Yung Roxci

Rosie, Owner Spring Garden Diner

Anika Massey, Communications Intern

Buy Tickets Here:

FRESH AIR G.S.O. (Greensboro Speaks Out) Tickets

Early-bird $5 FRESH AIR ticket for Wednesday, September 26 Marte’s Barber Shoppe | 1400 Battleground Ave. Suite 214-E | 21+ | $7 at the door


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